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So Irie Bogolan Bucket Hat


This bucket hat is pretty slick!
The main ingredient of this beautiful brew is the mudcloth..

Mudcloth, or bogolan in the local language, is a unique African textile. Producing this cotton fabric is an ancient home-craft, and the finished mudcloths are an authentic traditional art form.
Making mudcloth is a long process:

- cotton is planted and harvested
- cotton fiber is collected, cleaned and hand-spun into thread
- thread is woven into strips of cloth on traditional hand-looms
- strips are sewn into large panels
- fabric panels are dyed by soaking in decoctions of leaves and bark
- patterns of clay-rich mud are applied with sticks and brushes; one mud-application and one dye-bath are required for each successive shade of color.

Each piece of mudcloth is entirely hand-made and unique, there are no exact duplicates, even when the same pattern is replicated by the same artisan.
Mud cloth fabric lined with a heavy 100% cotton fabric

So as you can see not only is this fabric beautiful, but lots of hard work and energy is put into creating this grand and true piece of art!


Handmade with love & good vibez in Brooklyn!










































































































































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