Behind the Brand


I'm I-sha, Grenadian born Roots designer, Mommy of 3 gurus (girls), Lover, Seeker, Student, Teacher, Dreamer, Manifestor, Blessed, Rasta Wombman.

I am filled with gratitude that you are reading these words, for my dream is surely being realized in this moment, as your interest in knowing more about I and I brand is a beautiful link on the chain in this cycle of I being a successful entrepreneur and the freedom to live the life I seek. I give thanks.

Since middle school I've had an interest in design and fashion, yet for various reasons it wasn't until my mid 20s I was able to really explore that aspect of myself and once I did a creative portal within burst open, and out of that InI Vibez was made manifest.

I am so intrigued and fully in love with the vibrant colours and thought-provoking aesthetics of African prints and textiles. I've infused them into my personal style in subtle ways for years now, and as I began creating it was natural to turn the flava up on my crochet pieces with highlights of African prints and those elements truly elevated my works! It was with the use of these unique prints that I was able to expanded from just crochet pieces to include full lines of  jewelry and accessories. 

All my pieces are 100% handcrafted by me, with loving energy in my little apartment here in Brooklyn. Home serves  not only as that but as, work studio, showroom and school for my 3 girls. There is a lot of creating and creative, vibrant, youthful light energy in this space.

 I am pleasantly bombarded with inspiration daily!!! Shapes, prints, the eclectic styles of the peoples I bump into on the streets of BK. My small island roots,Tribes women, mother, aunts, granny, friend, daughters. The energy of my ancestors, pure love of a home continent that I have yet to smell, touch and see in this time fuel much of the works. Pops of color, Studs, Prints, Classic shapes!!! all inspires me, it all inspires my works.

Pure love, and positive energy is put into all of InI pieces. I strive to produce chic, unique pieces that at the same time have a classic and timeless quality to it.

I LOVE what I do! I know nothing is beyond reach as long as i stay continually inspired and fueled by creative desire.

I'm hopeful this quick snapshot into I and what i do leaves you inspired to follow InI journey and growth as I am inspired to continue to create beyond my own expectations. 

Blessings & Balance