Cowrie Arrow Drop Earrings

Cowrie Arrow Drop Earrings

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 Simple yet Impactful

I love working with cowrie shells, they are not only beautiful but hold a rich history and significance throughout the world.
Cowries are the shells of small and large sea snails from the family Cypraeidae, the cowries. Used throughout the East as jewelry and body adornments, but also during religious, & spiritual rituals and ceremonies. The cowrie was also the most widely used form of shell money worldwide!!!! Forms of shell money have been found on nearly all of the continents; Africa, Asia, Australia, and America (North and South). Shell money was used in western Africa as legal tender as late as the mid 19th century!!!! What a beautiful ancient history. Honored to be able to work with this natural beauties and create more beauty!!

Earrings are 5in long
lead and nickel free

Handmade with love & good vibez in Brooklyn

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